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Private Dental Care

We HaveThe Best Modern Dental Treatments
To Create Beautiful Smiles And Save Teeth And Gums.

You too can have private dental care like Phil, Jason, Sue, Salma, Jaspreet and Pat.  They all wanted better care than they had in the past.  We told them how modern dental fillings and crowns and techniques help their mouths get stronger teeth.  Some of them wanted better gums in a short period of time using laser dentistry.  They just could not believe we had a better way of dental care.

This practice is a well established Solihull dentist in the Birmingham & the West Midlands area, that offers an extensive range of treatments in the main areas of dentistry, all carried out by our expert dentists. These include Dental Implants, Orthodontics, Cosmetic Dentistry, General Dentistry, & Dentures.

Private Dental Care

What is private dental care?

Private dental care is available to everyone, you don’t need to have insurance, there’s no membership or contract involved. As a private patient, it merely means you get access to a greater suite of treatments, such as teeth whitening, white fillings for cosmetic reasons, dental implants, etc… Your consultations are longer and typically you can choose more flexible appointment times, such as evenings and weekends. You simply pay for the treatment you have, when you have it.

Private dental care is all about choice. You choose to pay full price for your treatments in exchange for a wide range of benefits and services you can’t get on the NHS. So, whether you’re looking for ongoing services like check-ups and general dentistry, or a one-off treatment such as adult teeth straightening, we’ll be delighted to see you.

Private Detnal Care

Why Choose Eternal Smiles?

We Love Making Your Dental Health Our Priority

We Provide Safe And Compassionate Care.             Prevention Is Better Than Cure.

We Transform Crooked Smiles Or Broken Teeth Every Day.

Our Patients Say Their Dental Treatment Lasts A Very Long Time.  Our Fillings Do Not Fall Out Quickly Like They Had In The Past.

You Will Meet A Friendly Team To Care Passionately For Your Teeth, Gum And Mouth Health.

What are the benefits of private dental care?

  • Flexible appointment times: Evenings, early mornings and weekend appointments are often available as a private patient.
  • See the same dentist: You can choose which of our private dentists you’d like to see – and see the same one every time.
  • Wider choice of services: As a private patient, you can access a wider choice of services not available on the NHS, including cosmetic treatments. These may be as simple as white fillings for cosmetic purposesteeth whitening, or more complex treatments such as orthodontics and dental implants.

Phill had teeth whitening and cosmetic safe fillings treatment.  Listen to his experience.

Our Dentist Qualities To Provide Private Dental Care :

Knowledgeable to do the absolute best for you

Minimal discomfort customer service for 20 years

He simply enjoys providing quality dentistry

From the Jason and Sophie first stepped through the door, they felt comfortable so here’s what to expect. We’ll begin with an initial examination to determine what the source of your problem is with our dentist vast experience.  Then we’ll discuss your treatment plan.

There are a variety of procedures we can complete for your general oral care to cosmetics treatments too. We have state of the art equipment for you. We use Laser dentistry and the latest techniques to make your teeth look natural.

Listen to Jason’s experience with our best dentist for cosmetic restorations and dental braces.

Private Dental Care Treatments Available
At Eternal Smiles Dental Centre

We provide a range of dental implants if you have missing teeth.

We have a range of braces treatments depending on what is best for you.

Have you got bleeding gums or teeth which are moving

Looking to whiten your teeth. We have In-House and Home Teeth Whitening Techniques to give you the best results

Do you want the best smile,

let’s transform your smile in 2 weeks.

We only use high quality materials for your mouth designed to last many years.

At Eternal Smiles we want to help you realise that we provide dental care that lasts a very long time.  You then do not have to worry about your fillings or crowns and know that great quality care has been provided to last many years to come.

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Smile Makeovers

Do you find that you hide your smile or shy away from photographs because you are not confident about your smile?

Many people believe that only celebrities have Smile Makeovers, but this is not true!

Have you ever wished for that perfect smile, the smile of your dreams? At Eternal Smiles Dental Centre we can make that wish come true.

A Smile Makeover is a cosmetic procedure that uses different treatments to ensure that you have that perfect yet natural-looking smile. You will leave here with a smile that makes you feel confident. Our dentists can create your ever-important smile using careful skills and high expertise.

At Eternal Smiles Private Dental Care, we pride ourselves on listening closely to your needs and concerns, which allows us to design a detailed bespoke treatment plan outlining all the options available to you. We work very closely with you at every stage to ensure that we achieve a look that you want that is personal to you.

Patient Testimonials For Private Detnal Care

“Dr Singh an excellent dentist.  The service is professional right from the initial assessment.  Nice and relaxing environment.  Thanks for helping me throughout the 9 years I have been attending.”

Jonathan Eden


“My teeth look natural again. I had a smile not to be proud of.  My teeth had been worn down due to grinding them in my sleep.  You gave clear professional advice.  Thanks to your dental skills and talent I have a great cosmetic result.”

Jason Houghton


“I had a Complete-Makeover and it has been worth it. Thank you for the kind attention and diligence in making my dental treatment painless.       My smile’s great again I feel confident going out.”

Sue Lloyd


“I came a few days ago and the staff have been lovely and considerate to me.  I have had fillings and root canal treatments. Best Dentist I have been too in a long time.”

Salma Khan


I recently had clear braces at Eternal Smiles Dental Centre and am really happy with the results! After going to initial consultations at other practices, Eternal Smiles seemed the best by far, and did not disappoint. All the staff are friendly and professional and always accommodating with booking appointments around other commitments. No issues or complaints at all – would definitely recommend!

Jaspreet Kaur

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