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Home Whitening

Our cost-effective teeth whitening kit

allows you to professionally

achieve whiter teeth in the 

comfort of your own home.

Our specially designed trays

are particularly effective at holding the whitening gel exactly where it needs to be to achieve the very best whitening results possible whilst preventing the gel from leaking into the mouth.

Great results are achieved in 2 weeks with this method.

“I had discoloured teeth and needed to make them look nice. I am very very happy to have had them whitened. I feel great now.   Dr Singh and the team were tremendous.”


No Guaranteed is given for this type of whitening.  However, the better product is Enlighten Teeth Whitening System has a B1 (very white) colour guarantee.

Come in for a consultation so we can examine your teeth for colour saturation and see how much whiter we can make your teeth and which system is best.

“I am so happy with my new smile.  I did not want to put up with my yellow smile.  Dr Singh told me how the procedure would work and I followed his instructions.  I have a wow smile now.


“I had used other dentists but now I am happy with the excellent result.  Dr Singh gave me all the options.  I preferred home teeth whitening so I could get my yellow teeth whiter.  It took 2 weeks.”

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